Dumbass Sayings: “Better Safe Than Sorry”

Sometimes when your parents keep you at home your entire childhood and you never get a chance to enjoy life because they’re afraid you might get hurt out there, you grow up very bitter and ask them why they would do that to you and to your dismay they remain completely unapologetic about it and say “Better safe than sorry.” No, sometimes being sorry helps. You can’t just err on the side of caution and then accept absolutely no blame for your foolish decision. Sometimes you’d rather be not safe if it meant someone your cared for was actually remorseful about hurting you. If they show no sorrow then that’s sometimes worse than being in physical pain. That’s not even what “better safe than sorry means.” It’s supposed to mean “It’s better to be alive and cautious than dead” which is not really a groundbreaking statement. So either way this is a ridiculous thing to say.

The next time you need to apologize to someone just buy them a safe.

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