Dumbass Sayings: “Suit Yourself”

When about a dozen guys at a party invite you to come “run a train on a bitch” with them and you politely decline they say “Okay, suit yourself!” Suit myself? Who else is going to suit me? Someone else? Why would you want someone else to suit you? If you’re a grown man that’s downright embarrassing. I don’t even have a butler. Even if I did I think I would put my own suit on. Batman had Alfred who would do all kinds of things for him, but even he put on his own Batsuit. It would have been too awkward to have Alfred pull the suit on for him. There’s no point in that. Unless you’re a paraplegic or a child you should be able to suit yourself every single time. Having another person undress you is one thing, but putting clothing on another person is very difficult. Taking clothes off a person is as easy as destroying something as putting clothes on a person is as difficult as creating something.

This is how I would suit myself.

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