Dumbass Sayings: “There is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question”

Sometimes when you start off a sentence that says “This might sound like a stupid question,” the other person will say “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” Then you say “Are you sad right now?” and they say “I just told you my family died in a car accident. So yes… What are you a moron?”  WHOA WHOA WHOOAAAAAAA! I just thought you said there were no stupid questions. Strange how quickly people flip their stance on that statement. That would be because there ARE stupid questions. There can be incredibly stupid questions. The only reason this saying should ever be used is to encourage children to learn or to help people who are new at a dangerous job with a lot of machinery. Obviously children are chock full of stupid questions, but you have to just answer them so that their minds can learn. If there’s a new guy at the fireworks factory he might want to ask something dumb about smoking indoors, but if he feels like it’s too stupid and he doesn’t want to be embarrassed that might lead to a very severe explosion. When children grow up, at a certain point they’re expected to get the majority of stupid questions out of their system so by 30-years-old or so, unless they’re working in a steel mill, there really are such things as stupid questions. People need to know this.

For example, "Should I let my dog drive me home from the bar again?" would be a stupid question.

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