The Top 10 Worst Things To Say To A Cop When You Get Pulled Over

Nothing ruins your morning commute like getting pulled over by a cop. The only thing that can make it worse is mishandling the situation by saying the wrong thing. Saying the wrong thing to a cop can possibly enrage them or even incriminate yourself to them. Here are the top 10 things you never want to say to a cop when you get pulled over:

10. “Look, I have a Dunkin Donuts Perks account. I can hook you up!”

9. “If this is about that missing woman in the news, you’re way off.”

8. “Do you accept sexual favors?”

7. “I had this many!” (Showing both hands and one of your feet)

6. “What’s seems to be your problem, officer?”

5. “Well if it isn’t the Geico pig!”

4. “I’ve been buttchugging, so unless you want to put that breathalyzer up my ass I suggest you let me leave.”

3. “Whatever you do, don’t check the trunk.”

2. “You wanna go, bitch?!”

And the number one thing you never want to say when you’ve been pulled over is…

1. “Sir, the hooker was dead when I found her.”

Saying the wrong thing can definitely make a bad situation worse.

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