Dumbass Sayings: “Fresh to Death”

Rappers and hip hop musicians always use the term “Fresh to death.” They say “I am fresh to death” like that’s a normal thing to say. Not only is it not a normal thing to say, but it’s very untrue. Anyone who’s ever lived with their grandmother knows people are never “fresh to death.” There’s a lot of decomposition that occurs while the person is still alive. That’s actually how people die. Their organs slowly rot away even while the heart is still beating and the brain is running. That’s why old people smell so “interesting.” If you’re lucky to live a nice long life into your elderly years then you should not expect to smell anywhere close to fresh. The nice thing is that as you get older your senses begin to fail you so your sense of smell won’t be keen enough to tell how unfresh your aroma actually is.

Nothing like a corpse in the room to keep things fresh.

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