Dumbass Sayings: “Kill it with Fire!”

Sometimes when you invite people over to see your baby they will scream “AHHHH!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!” What the hell kind of thing is that to say to someone? Just because someone’s eyeballs aren’t parallel, their forehead is a little lumpy, and they’re the first true chimpanzee/human hybrid doesn’t mean you have to murder them by way of immolation. Even if I did come to terms with how hideous my child was and decided it would be best to destroy any and all trace of its existence that doesn’t mean I have to “kill it with fire.” Why do we jump right to conflagration with these things? You can’t always just burn your problems away. Have you ever heard of smothering? Why go through the disgusting act of burning something alive? That’s just messed up. People who say this in a joking manner have clearly never burned someone alive before because if they did then they would forever be haunted by the screams and shrieks whenever the thought was brought up. You use fire AFTERWARD to dispose of the corpse. There’s no need for extra suffering here. Clearly the creature is suffering already just being alive. Have some compassion.

Unless a person has been taken over by the parasitic life form from the movie "The Thing," fire is not necessary.

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