Baby Eaten To Death By Dogs At Zoo

Reports are coming into the McFartnuggets Mansion of Mania about a 2-year-old child who eaten by a gang of wild African Painted Dogs at the Pittsburgh Zoo. This is a tragedy that clearly could have been avoided if the child had not been placed over the part that's supposed to keep people the fuck out by its mother where it then fell and bounced twice on various screens and ultimately landed in the dog area where it was eaten by the dogs.

First of all, why are dogs in a zoo? They're DOGS. I don't care if they're special from Africa or they're painted. They could be covered from head-to-toe in Sherwin Williams, that shouldn't mean anything to anyone. Cats get to be in zoos because they grow gigantic and orange and aren't even really cats anymore, but these dogs, these are just hyena looking dogs.

Also, make the railings higher on the enclosure and don't bring 2-year-olds to the zoo. What the fuck does a 2-year-old need with a wild African Painted dog? Does it even understand the concept of dogs? I don't think so. You know what I remember from when I was 2-years-old? That I didn't get mauled to death by a pack of rabid dogs at the zoo, that's what I remember and aside from that, not a whole lot else. I'd like to say this mother should have just stayed home with the kid, but judging by this woman's actions she probably would have found some other way to kill the kid by accident, it's just unfortunate it happened in such a tragic way and our thoughts and prayers go out to the dead child's spirit, not the mother though. She doesn't get the thoughts and prayers, she fucked up.

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