Dirty Looting Bastards

I'm not sure why stealing becomes "looting" when the electricity goes out. Looting is stealing and it should never be done. The only loot that should ever be taken is party loot in a party loot bag from children's birthday parties, but only if you're a child, otherwise that's wrong again. Basically just stay away from all forms of loot, even the lute, leave that alone too that's a crap instrument.

On the other hand, people who put up signs that say "Don't Loot" outside their houses need to stop doing that too. All a "Don't Loot" sign does is draw people to the conclusion that there's something of serious value inside the house. No one spray paints "Don't Loot" in the window of a crackhouse. For your own benefit, refrain from this action. A nice alternative is to write a gypsy or voodoo curse that punishes all who may loot within, but this only really works if you're a true voodoo witch doctor or shaman, which you aren't. The best "Don't Loot" sign is knowledge of the martial arts. When was the last time someone looted from a ninja? Where do ninjas even live? No one knows. If you don't want to be looted, just be a ninja.

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  1. That is very true. I mean who puts a no looting sign up if you do it should be loot and die. Time to get spray paint and find a fine crackhouse.