Understanding the New Jersey Odd/Even Gas Rationing System

To cut down waiting time on lines in this gas shortage, New Jersey has implemented an odds/evens system. Basically if your license plate number ends in an odd number you get gas on ODD numbered days and if it ends in an even number you get gas on EVEN days. So if today is the 5th then that's on ODD day. That seems simple enough, but what if you have one of those silly license plates with the words instead of numbers?

Well, Captain Individuality, if your license plate says some stupid shit like "DEBBIE" then that's considered odd and you get gas on odd days because that certainly is fucking ODD.  If you have a vanity plate with numbers mixed in then the odd/even rule applies to whatever number is on your plate. For instance if your plate reads "ILUV69" then that would be an ODD number. If your plate reads "U2ROCKS" then that would be an EVEN number, though chances are if you're a huge U2 fan you've got bigger problems than a gas shortage. If you're still confused, too bad. It was Governor Chris Christie's decision and you'd better believe it was the right one because if anybody knows gas, it's that man.

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