Victoria's Secret Donates To Hurricane Victims

When a giant hurricane strikes, who are the first people you call to help? Big titted hookers, THAT'S WHO! And not just because they can be used as human rafts either, Victoria's Secret has donated several power generators to areas without power that were affected by Hurricane Frankenweenie.

When I first heard that Victoria's Secret was donating things to hurricane victims I envisioned people in powerless homes sitting in the dark with tons of flashy bras and thongs on in layers to protect from the cold, but these runway strutting whores figured out a much better plan and god bless them for that.

If they REALLY want to help I'm sure they could visit the areas without power and hand out some bottled water and blow jobs, I mean canned goods. Of course I'm joking around, they would never do that, even though it would help a lot, really.

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