3 Causes The Ice Bucket Challenge is Unknowingly Raising Awareness For

You pour water on the head
because ALS happens in the brain.
The Ice Bucket Challenge is now famous for raising awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, but it’s also unknowingly raising awareness for some other causes. When you think about it, there’s really no logical connection between ALS and dumping ice water over your head. It’s really an arbitrarily chosen activity that has thankfully become very popular. Here are three causes that are gaining some extra attention thanks to the Ice Bucket challenge:

1. Water conservation
With so many people dumping gallons of water over their heads, questions have been raised about how much water is being wasted for the Ice Bucket Challenge. A huge water crisis faces much of the world, particularly Asia in the coming years. Even states like California are experiencing serious droughts that are ruining crops and losing millions of dollars in revenue for the economy. Also, with so many people in African nations who don’t have access to clean drinking water, dumping loads of water over your head seems a little insensitive. Thank god they don’t have computers to see what’s going on over there.

We all love the ice bucket challenge, but let's not run ourselves into another Dust Bowl.

2. Global warming
One of the biggest issues facing humanity is global warming and climate change. Whatever you want to call it, the problem is the ice caps are melting at an exponential rate. With the Ice Bucket challenge occurring all over the world, one has to wonder if the ice could be better used elsewhere. It might not make a huge impact, but if everyone who did the Ice Bucket Challenge dumped their ice on Antarctica instead, maybe that could slow down climate change a little. It probably wouldn’t, but it wouldn’t hurt and at least that’s trying to do something about it.

Greenland needs all the ice it can get right now.

3. Pneumonia
This isn’t an issue that’s being highlighted just yet, but as we progress into Fall and Winter, if the Ice Bucket Challenge continues (and we all hope it does) you’re going to see a lot of people getting very sick with pneumonia and other ice related maladies like hypothermia.

The Ice Bucket Challenge could one day raise awareness for FOUR key issues in the near future.

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