Dumbass Sayings: "Beast Mode"

Everyone talks about "Beast mode" and how being a "Beast" is a positive thing. It's gotten to the point where people tell me my girlfriend is a beast and I don't know whether it's a compliment or an insult. I remember back in the old days when calling someone a beast was a bad thing. Somehow beasts made a positive name for themselves which would be great if there weren't still beasts out there doing awful things. You know when a tiger breaks out of his enclosure at the zoo and kills a bunch of people? Technically that's "Beast Mode." Not so righteous THEN is it, bro? Being a beast is actually a terrible thing and shouldn't be glorified. Molesters and criminals are beasts. We call them animals and scum, but those are basically synonyms for beast. You can't just assign different meanings to synonyms for the same word all willy nilly because of something people started saying at a gym somewhere.

Beast mode activated.

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