Dumbass Sayings: “Stand Up Guy”

There just aren't enough
stand-up guys around.
When someone’s a nice guy who helps carry old ladies up stairs and helps old men cross the street they call him a “Stand up guy.” What kind of phrase is this? Stand up guy? Who isn’t a stand up guy? Everyone stands. There’s nothing special about standing. All this saying does is insult people in wheelchairs. Saying “Stand up guy” presumes that people in wheelchairs or people who are bedridden can’t be great people who help others. What’s all this “Upstanding citizen” nonsense too? What is this ridiculous connection between standing and helping others? Anyone who lives an independent life in a wheelchair knows they can still help children cross the street or help an old lady carry her groceries. Would you dare call that person a “Stand up guy”? That would be rather insulting to them, don’t you think? You’d probably insult them by calling them a “Sit down guy” too! So let’s just ignore the vertical status of people and just call them GOOD PEOPLE. Is that so damn difficult? Why do we have to get so specific with the body posture of a do-gooder? It’s ridiculous.

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