Dumbass Sayings: “What’s Wrong With You? Are You Autistic?!”

Sometimes when you’re talking to someone and you say something weird like “I like the way your face smells” they say “What’s wrong with you? Are you autistic or something?” Maybe I am! MAYBE I AM! What if I was? What then? Are you really trying to mock someone for having a neurological issue? That would make you some kind of jerk. People love asking other people if they have disorders or disabilities when they’re mad. They say “Hey are you blind?” or “Are you deaf?!” They only say this when they’re sure the person isn’t actually blind or deaf or autistic. If it turns out the person actually is blind or deaf or autistic then the person who asked looks like a complete asshole. The thing is, if someone asks a person if they’re autistic, there’s usually no way of telling obviously if the person is or isn’t. It’s not like being blind or deaf. So when you ask someone “Are you autistic?!” you basically open yourself up to look like an asshole because even if the person isn’t they can say they are. Then there you are, mocking an autistic person like a piece of crap. It’s just best not to ask if someone’s autistic. If you have an impression that they are then just proceed in your interaction assuming that and try not to mention it because that’s rude.

If you use disorders as insults then there's a good chance you have Asshole Syndrome.

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