Dumbass Sayings: "Someone's in a Good Mood Today!"

Sometimes when you show up to work smiling some asshole will say "Well you're in a happy mood!" Or "Looks like someone's in a happy mood today!" What kind of pessimistic bullcrap is that? Yeah why wouldn't I be? I'll tell you why because there are assholes expecting me to be cranky all the damn time well I say screw that! I'm going to be happy regardless. You got a problem with that? It's not an occasion for a party if I happen to show up non-suicidal to work one day. But because you're treating it like that, it's only highlighting why I don't smile more often which subsequently results in me showing up pissed off more and more. If someone's in a happy mood just enjoy it and let them enjoy their mood. Don't call it out and pretend like you just found an extraterrestrial corpse or something. It's just a person smiling, get over it.

What the hell are you all smiley about, Real Life Mrs. Doubtfire?!

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