Dumbass Saying: “One Way Mirror/Two Way Mirror”

Those special mirrors that you see on TV police shows during interrogation scenes are usually called “one way mirrors.” What makes this confusing is they’re also sometimes called “two way mirrors.” Even more confusing is the fact that neither term really makes sense when you think about it. A “one way mirror” could be a term used to describe a regular bathroom mirror. You can see one way into it, but not from behind it. Technically that could be called a one way mirror. Every normal mirror is a one way mirror, you look into it one way. Then you’ve got the term “two way mirror” which could be a term used to describe a normal glass window. This is the stupider of the names. Sometimes it’s even called “two way glass.” Two way glass? That’s just GLASS. If you said “two way mirror” to someone how would they get that’s a mirror where one side is a regular mirror and the other side is a window? If anything, “one way mirror” makes more sense because it infers that only one party can see through to the other side. So it makes some sense, but it’s still a little misleading and confusing which still classifies it as a dumbass term.

President Obama looking at his body double through a one way mirror.

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