Ask McFartunggets: “Why is The Little League World Series Shown on TV?”

That kid on the left is
old as hell.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Why does ESPN play the Little League World Series? It’s just young boys playing baseball. Who wants to see this? Why not show elementary school basketball tournaments too? Why not show little girls playing baseball too? I’m sure these kids are talented, but televised sports should be for adults am I wrong? Where does this stop? How long until they start showing Tee-ball? I just don’t understand the appeal of this. Can you help me here? -- Lina from Reno, Nevada

Dear Lina:
I think the whole reasoning behind showing the Little League World Series is that baseball is really a game meant for children. Most sports were intended exclusively for children, it’s just that over time they’ve been perverted into multi billion dollar industries that help corporations sell shoes and apparel. Little league represents what baseball was supposed to be. It’s really meant for other kids to watch on TeV. And maybe it helps people relive their childhood so they can watch and pretend they’re the children on TV whose dreams haven’t died yet. That being said, no one above the age of 14 needs to watch it. If you’ve ever gone to a little league game to watch it in the stands alone then you know the parents get really creeped out and stare at you the entire time. So if it’s wrong to do that then it should be wrong to watch it on TV. If you’re a kid then I’m sure it’s not as bad. It’s just meant for kids. It’s like any other children’s programming just with baseball instead of a talking purple dinosaur.

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