Dumbass Sayings: "You Look Like a Steve..."

Everyone has had a moment in their life when they introduce themselves to someone and that person says "You look like a (your name)." People are always amazed by this perceived phenomenon and some people even believe some folks' names are preordained by fate. The problem with this is we never see an alternate universe where the person has a different name. In such a universe, their alternate name would probably seem just as suitable. The only times a person won't look like their name is if it's a White guy named Dyshon or a Black woman named Maximillion. If you see an Asian guy named Hector or a Hispanic guy named Mona, these would be rare examples of where someone doesn't look like their name. But as long as the name is gender and ethnically suitable then odds are ten times out of ten Steve will look like a Steve.

Hey you look like a Garrett.

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