Dumbass Sayings: “Morning”

Sometimes when you see someone early on in the day they’ll say “Morning!” For some reason people think they need to abbreviate “Good morning” to just “Morning.” Is it too much trouble to say the word “Good”? It’s a pretty damn short word. If the saying was “Fantastic morning!” Then I would understand shortening it, but at least throw a half a syllable in there and say “G’morning” or “G’day” like the Australians do. Otherwise you’re just stating what time of day it is. No one would see someone and say “Nine AM!” as a greeting. That’s ridiculous and borderline insane. Meanwhile that’s basically just a more specific version of saying “Morning!” Where does this stop? How long will it be until people start saying “Morn!” or just “Mo”? Either you want to say something or you don’t. If you want to say “Good morning” then say it. If you don’t, then don’t bother and don’t even waste those two syllables. If you can’t spare an extra one then please, save as all the mouth noises you can. Please, I insist!

Instead of bothering to say "Morning," just show this picture to people instead. That's much less work.

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