Dumbass Sayings: “So True”

What is truth?
Sometimes when you’re talking to someone and you say “Boy, heroin is getting really expensive these days” someone will say “So true. SO TRUE!” How can something be SO true? Either something’s true or false. There aren’t degrees to which something can be true or false. When you’re taking a true or false test you only get two answer options, true or false. You’re not given options of “How true from a scale of 1-5” or “How false from a scale of 1-5.” People try to pretend like there are degrees to the validity or fallacy of a statement. This is the kind of thing that winds up making life very confusing for people. We try to complicate things way too much in society. If someone says “You are a woman, true or false?” You should be able to answer either true or false. Once you say “Ummm…” We have a problem. At the same time, you don’t need to say “SO TRUE!” That’s unnecessary. And how come people never say “So false!”? If that sounds too stupid to say then how is “So true!” any different? It’s ambiguity and needless complication like that which makes life difficult for people, particularly when trying to get an escort to stay with for the night.

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