Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do People Hate Trans Fats So Much?”

It's not margarine's fault
it wasn't born the same as
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I keep hearing people badmouthing and insulting trans fats all the time and it’s getting a little offensive. Who cares if these fats are trans? Why do people feel the need to get involved in the private lives of fats? It doesn’t concern you! If a fat thinks it’s a different kind of fat and was born in the wrong lipid then who cares? Let them live the life they feel comfortable with! It’s this kind of ignorance that shows we’re not truly evolved as a human species. Stop judging trans fats. If you don’t like them and they disgust you then GUESS WHAT you don’t have to eat them! There’s just no reason for so much hate against the trans community, including fats. -- Kevina from San Bernadino, California

Dear Kevina:
Well, I think the problem people have with trans fats is that they’ve been proven to clog up arteries and kill people. It really has nothing to do with their lifestyle choices, or the way they were created. I’m not here to argue about that. I know it’s not a choice to be a trans fat. I support the trans fat community. I have fried chicken and ice cream every now and then. Those are loaded with trans fats so it’s not like I have some kind of phobia of trans fats. People who have heart problems might be a little more afraid. That’s their loss I guess.

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