Dumbass Saying: “Apeshit/Batshit”

Why is the feces of apes and bats considered the craziest of all the fecal matter? If you’ve ever seen a homeless lady shitting on the bus before then you know that human shit is clearly the craziest. The only crazy thing about batshit is that they have to do it while hanging upside down, which if you’ve ever soiled yourself on a stalled roller coaster, you know is very uncomfortable. There’s nothing that crazy about ape crap. I think it’s considered crazy because it’s usually full of bananas and bananas is a slang term for crazy. So in that way it makes sense, but not really. If a bat shits at the zoo no one blinks. If an ape shits at the zoo no one is too concerned. But when I shit at the zoo, you would have thought I started World War III. The security guards come running with their batons and tasers. It’s a big production! So clearly when you’re talking about insane defecation, the only real crazy shit is humanshit.

You have to be a little crazy to take a shit in this position.

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