The Top 5 Benefits to Playing Table Tennis

Tables and sports don't
combine nearly enough.
Table tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Okay, it’s not. I was lying. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun game to take up in your spare time. If you’ve been thinking about playing tennis you should consider the mini variety first. Here are the top 5 benefits to playing table tennis:

5. The equipment is less expensive than in regular tennis.
Since table tennis is basically like a midget version of regular tennis, the prices for equipment are basically slashed in half. Sure you might see some ping pong paddles for upwards of $400, but those are for people with severe mental illness or Chinese people who take the game way too seriously.

4. You can eat lunch on the table when you’re done.
This is a huge upside to table tennis. If you’re playing full sized tennis and you want a break you have to go to a park or something and find a bench. With table tennis, the damn table the game is played on can be used as a bench.

3. It doesn’t require much physical exertion.
If you’ve ever seen the hardcore table tennis players volley shots back and forth you’ll notice they don’t make grunting noises like normal tennis players. You’ll never see some guy moaning like Maria Sharapova hitting a ping pong ball because it just doesn’t require that much force. Plus you don’t have to run nearly as far as in real tennis so it’s less tiring for that reason as well.

2. Its a great way to enhance hand-eye coordination.
Since it takes some skill to hit a tiny ass ball the size of an eyeball with a paddle the size of an Eggo waffle, playing ping pong is a nice way to improve your hand-eye coordination. Of course you could just try hitting a real human eye with a waffle, but that gets too messy and weird.

And the number one benefit to playing table tennis is...

1. You get tons of pussy.
Everyone knows nothing makes a lady more excited than seeing a man playing ping pong. Forrest Gump could have got laid a lot more had he not been so mentally slow and focused only on Jenny. That’s not speculation, we all know that’s fact.

These dimensions are at the magic ratio to get a woman's panties off.

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