Ask McFartnuggets: "Why Are Nearly All Boats White?"

Having the bottom of the boat
painted a different color can
help visibility if your boat tips over.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Isn't it stupid to paint boats white? When they tip over and capsize in the ocean it's harder to find them because the foam on rough, stormy water is white too. Why would people paint their boat white when they could just paint them bright yellow or orange like a life vest? What are people stupid? -- Nancy from Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Nancy:
I think the main reason people have white boats is because they look nicer. When someone buys a yacht they usually buy it because of the status it represents and part of status is image so their image would be damaged a little if they were riding around in a yellow or orange or pink boat. People are so concerned with appearances that they'll risk making their boat harder to find in the ocean just to look cool like everyone else.

If a boat is going to travel through a lot of icebergs it's best to have that boat be painted black. Also it helps to have enough lifeboats for everyone aboard.

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