Dumbass Restaurant Names: “Macaroni Grill”

There’s actually a restaurant out there called “Macaroni Grill.” What kind of name is that? Anyone who’s ever tried to cook macaroni on a grill knows the noodles fall through the grill and burn up in the flames. Pasta isn’t meant to be barbecued. What a ridiculous name. Even if “Macaroni Grill” doesn’t refer to actually grilling macaroni, the alternate definition is just as ridiculous. “Macaroni” means either tiny noodle pasta or an 18th century English men who were known to dress outlandishly. English dandies came AFTER Macaronis and were considered much more masculine than the Macaronis. So imagine an English man in a powdered wig and lipstick acting all ladylike and then realize that a Macaroni was even fruitier than that. So what the hell is Macaroni Grill supposed to mean? Is it a restaurant intended for effeminate 18th century Englishmen? Or is supposed to mean they want to grill the flamboyant Macaronis? Either way, that doesn’t make sense because the Macaroni Grill is an Italian restaurant. They must be referring to grilling pasta. That’s just a flawed concept. Even if the pasta doesn’t fall through, the grill is too hot and will burn right through the thin strands of pasta. This name makes no sense anyway you look at it.

I would not recommend grilling ANY of these.

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