Dumbass Sayings: “Basically”

It’s always funny to me when someone starts off a sentence with the word “basically.” They’ll say something like “Basically, you’ve got an inoperable tumor in your pancreas.” Let’s just get one thing straight, if you’re trying to say something “basically” that means you’re trying to speak in the most essential, stripped down, distilled fashion possible. Therefore, simply adding the word “basically” in there is defeating your intention. If you want to say something “basically” then just say it and leave as many unnecessary words out as you can. Adding a nine letter word in there is only serving to do the opposite of what you claim to be trying to do. It’s sort of like how people say “I literally took a dump so hard my asshole burst into flames.” That did not LITERALLY happen. People need to stop using words that end in “-ally” because nearly every time you do it never helps your sentence. It’s simply filler that people use to fluff their sentences up to make them seem more substantial.

Basically nebulas are just god farts.

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