Five Awesome Things You Can Do to Help the Homeless That No One Ever Does

Soup kitchens are great
but they've been done.
Sometimes in life you want to help other people who are struggling through hard times. Well there’s no one struggling harder than people who have no place to live. Maybe you want to help the homeless, but want to do it in a unique way that isn’t done very often. Anyone can hand a hobo a sandwich or a twenty dollar bill or a bottle of whiskey, but there’s nothing quite like an original, novel act of charitable giving. Here are five nice examples of things you can do to help the homeless in ways most people never think of:

1. Buy a homeless person a gym membership.
A gym membership is really a useful gift for a homeless person. They get access to water fountains and bathrooms, including showers. Depending on the facilities, they can soak in a jacuzzi every day or go swimming. They can jog to keep themselves active and healthy too. That’s a big thing people don’t think about. Being active can enhance your mood and help get you motivated. With a place to get clean every day they should be able to find a job somewhere and get started on a track back to having a home.

Sometimes you can't put a price on a nice hot public shower.

2. Throw a homeless person a birthday party.
When was the last time a homeless person had their birthday celebrated? Homeless birthday parties are probably not as common as you’d think. If they ever do have a party it’s with other hobos in a tiny little get together; it’s not a big celebration like a person deserves on their birthday. Pick a random hobo or a hobo you specifically want to help and ask them when their birthday is. When that day comes get a bunch of your friends together and take him to Chuck E. Cheese or Buffalo Wild Wings or something. Have a cake and give presents. I guarantee they’ll never forget it.

Everyone deserves a kickass Indian birthday party.

3. Take a homeless person to your doctor and pay for their check up.
One huge problem homeless people face is a lack of medical attention. There can be many different ailments bothering a hobo from basic injuries to sicknesses of the body and mind. If you can afford it, it’s a great thing to bring a hobo to your doctor or a doctor you know is good and get them checked up.Then maybe you can get them on medication or pay for a surgery they might need. No one ever does this.

What would a check-up be without a smirking nurse?

4. Put a homeless person in your will.
Speaking of things no one ever does, when was the last time you saw someone put a random hobo in their will? Clearly if you have children and a family then this might not be a great idea. This is more of an idea for people who have nobody in their lives except maybe a pet or two. You see a lot of people like this put their cat or dog in their will and it’s sad because there are human beings out there who could use the help way more than a cat.

Caligraphy is key in a will. It's your last wishes. They had better look good.

5. Take a homeless person out on a date.
Maybe you’ve got a nice job and you’re still single and looking for love. Sure you could keep going on internet dating sites and Tinder, but maybe true love has been riding on the subway next to you this whole time. The next time you see a hobo that tickles your fancy, ask them out to dinner. The nice thing is they’ll rarely turn down the meal. Get to know them, see what you have in common. It’s worth a shot! Worst case scenario you just fed a homeless lady. Best case scenario, you met a soulmate for life. Sounds like a pretty damn good deal to me!

There's this misconception out there that dating is only for people with homes. NOT TRUE.

So there ya have it! Five interesting, original ways to give back to the people you've probably inadvertently stepped on to get where you are today. If you ever really want to make a positive mark in someone's life just for the hell of it then you should try some of these!

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