Dumbass Saying: “Whole Nother Level”

One phrase that keeps showing up in life is “Whole nother level.” Occasionally you’ll hear someone say something like “Yeah I gotta take my love life to a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL and with this squirting vibrator I’m finally gonna be able to do that.” Okay let’s try to sort through this phrase. “Nother” is supposed to be a shortened version of the word “another.” Okay I can accept that. The only problem is when you plug that in to our dumbass saying here you get “Whole another level.” I don’t care what grade of school you managed to get to before you got addicted to meth and had to drop out, everyone knows that doesn’t sound right. You can’t say “whole another level.” That’s about as improper as English can get. Therefore when you shorten “another” to “nother”, nothing changes. That’s still improper English even if it sounds a little better. If you really want to say this just drop the “N” off and say “Whole other level.” At least that sounds okay and makes a bit of sense grammatically. Just drop that n off. It’s not a lot of work, in fact, it’s actually LESS work. That’s rare. Rarely do you encounter a situation where doing less work actually results in a more proper result, but saying “Whole other level” is one of them.

"We gotta take things to a whole another level!"

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