Dumbass Sayings: “God Bless You”

Don't tell god what to do!
If you sneeze in public, usually within two seconds someone will say “God bless you.” I never understood this practice. It literally serves no purpose at all. Maybe in the past when mortality rates for common illnesses were high because they had no medicine it might be appropriate to say “God bless you” when they sneezed because it meant they could be getting sick and were about to die. Even in that scenario this saying doesn’t make sense. First off, god wouldn’t be able to help them anyway. If you got sick back then before penicillin you were pretty much screwed regardless. Second, if someone’s sneezing in your face you’d probably want to kill them because they were threatening your life, so sending them goodwill should have been the last thing on your mind. So if saying “God bless you” didn’t even make sense to do back in the days when it was invented, why the hell should we still keep saying it? The main problem I have with this is just because someone sneezed doesn’t mean you need to get God involved. Leave God out of this. Do you realize how many times people sneeze in America? Each time that happens God gets a little beep on his pager. Don’t you think that gets annoying? Maybe if it was a worthy page it would be okay, but the person SNEEZED. They’re not going into open heart surgery. They don’t need a damn blessing.

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