Ask McFartnuggets: “Have You Ever Noticed How Gun Range Targets Are Black?”

Watch out, Smurfs!
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Have you ever noticed how those paper targets at gun ranges are almost always colored black? Isn’t that a little weird? Then we wonder why cops shoot unarmed Black kids! They’re being subconsciously trained to shoot at dark targets! Sure there are other forces at play when something like that happens, but when you’re in a life or death scenario your brain instinctively goes back to your training and if all you remember from your training is shooting a firearm at a shadowy black figure then you’re probably pretty damn likely to pull the trigger as you’ve done hundreds and thousands of times. Isn’t it about time they change the color of those things? -- Lois from Paducah, Kentucky

Dear Lois:
Well you have to keep in mind that printing any other color would be a lot more expensive to produce. Making them black is likely the most cost effective way so that’s what people do. As for your theory of it leading to people shooting African American individuals, I’m not so sure about that. Maybe they can try inverting the printing so there’s a white target and see if albino shootings go up. I doubt it.

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