The Top 5 Least Talked About Cancers

It IS a tumor!
With cancer awareness movements stronger and more ubiquitous than ever, there are still some cancers people don’t talk about. For whatever reasons, some types of cancer just don’t get the attention that breast, lung, and testicular cancer do. What I want to do is at least mention those cancers here so maybe we can get a discussion going on some of these and help raise awareness for them.

5. Kidney cancer
Kidney cancer isn’t incredibly rare, nonetheless you rarely see anyone raising awareness for it. When was the last time you saw a run for kidney cancer?

You think just because kidneys look like beans they're safe from cancer? Think again.

4. Tongue cancer
You can get cancer on your tongue, I think. It’s just rare. They call it “Oral cancer” which is bullshit. You can’t just lump things together like that. Why not just call it all “Head cancer”? Being specific always helps when it comes to cancer. Call it “Tongue cancer” and give it its own ribbon, damnit!

The problem with tongue tumors is most people confuse them for oral warts and ignore them.

3. Heart cancer
Heart cancer does exist, but because it’s so rare people rarely make a big deal about it. For some reason tumors rarely appear in the heart. I’m not going to complain about that I’m just saying it rarely happens. However, when it does it’s usually very deadly so watch out for heart cancer.

Heart cancer may be rare, but it is deadly.

2. Appendix cancer
What does an appendix even do? Thankfully you don’t hear of too many people getting Appendix cancer because that would add injury to insult. It’s bad enough you’re stuck with an organ that does nothing, but then to have it cause you problems on top of that is ridiculous.

I don't think even cancer knows what the hell an appendix does.

And the number one least talked about cancer is…

1. Sinus cancer
Remember that time your friend got Sinus cancer and everyone was really concerned about him? No, you don’t because Sinus cancer is rare as hell. Maybe there is a chance you do know someone affected by Sinus cancer and if so then I’m very sorry for that. People like you need to start raising awareness for it because I doubt many people even know it exists.

Sinus cancer definitely needs more attention than it's getting.

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