Ask McFartnuggets: "How Can I Get Refunded For Walking Out of a Movie?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I'm in a movie theater right now and thinking about walking out because the movie is so god awful. I really shouldn't have paid for the ticket and I'm regretting it now. What is an excuse I can use to get a refund? -- Abigail from Washington D.C

Dear Abigail:
First off, what are you doing on your phone or laptop, or tablet at the movies? Shut that off! Well, you can shut it off after you read what I’m going to say I guess. Most of the time you can't get a refund just for simply disliking a movie. Theaters tend to only give refunds to people when there was something technically wrong with the film and the screening. With that being said, one excuse you can always use is that the movie was too loud. Most of the time you won't experience an obvious technical difficulty at the movies, but the movies are almost always loud and if you tell them it was so loud it was causing you discomfort then they should be able to return your money as long as you leave after twenty minutes or so. The longer you wait the less likely they are to take you seriously. Every theater is different, but it never hurts to give this a shot especially if you really didn't like the movie and want your twenty dollars back.

Going to the movies is a serious investment. Theaters don't make much profit which is why they have to charge so much for concessions. For that reason they're very reticent to refund the cost of a purchased ticket.

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