Dumbass Sayings: “What’s The Matter? Afraid You Might Like It?”

Whenever your friends and family are at home doing crack cocaine they always ask if you want to try some. When you politely decline your uncle says “What’s the matter? Afraid you might like it?!” Yes! Yes I am afraid I might like it. That’s the whole point of not taking crack cocaine. If I like it then I’ll get hooked on it and my life will enter a deadly downward spiral of madness, illness, and depression. That’s a pretty good reason to not want to try something. Of course I’m afraid I might like it. Why else would I be afraid? If I don’t like it then who cares? If I don’t like it then there’s no point in even taking it to begin with so basically you’re looking at a lose/lose scenario here. If I were to enjoy the crack that would be making a loss a temporary winning situation which is what leads to addiction in the first place. You think you’re winning when you’re really not. That’s what makes crack so dangerous.

Why don't you want me to pull your hair while you're holding a baby? Are you afraid you might like it?

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