The Top 7 Worst Names to Give to a Baby Girl in 2014

Even if your baby literally
only has one eye. Naming
it One-Eye is still not a
good idea.
Giving birth to a baby is one of the most thrilling moments in a man's life, but even more important than giving birth is making sure the baby has a proper name. The thing about names is what's popular one year might not be popular the next so it's very tricky to pick a good name. Here are the top seven names you don't want to give a baby girl in the year 2014:

7. Waldo

6. Ennis

5. Rodney

4. One-Eye

3. DeAngelo

2. Ronald

And the number one worst name to give a baby girl in 2014 is...

1. Turk

Imagine a baby girl with any of these names and I think you'll agree these are the worst names you can give to a female baby in 2014. Who knows, maybe in the year 2020, Turk will be the most popular girl baby name in the world, but for right now it's not a good one. It might be difficult to pick out good names, but as long as you avoid these shitty ones you've got a better chance of finding a nice one.

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