Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do I See White Corn Chips Everywhere But No Black Corn Chips?”

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Dear McFartnuggets: 
While I was in the grocery store today I took a visit to the snack lane and let’s just say I was appalled at what I seen. I was thinking I’m in the mood for some crispy tortilla chips and I seen all these “White corn” chips all over everywhere. So I say okay white corn chips look tasty, but maybe I could get some Black corn chips instead? I looked all up and down that mafucka ten times and I didn’t see a single bag of Black corn tortilla chips? What the hell is that? I was fitting to complain but then I thought nah lemme just get some Lays and Doritos because at least they don’t assign race to their flavors. My question to you is, why aren’t there any Black corn chips and what can we do to fix this ethnic inequality in the corn chip industry? -- Wyatt from Rockport, Massachusetts

Dear Wyatt:
The reason you don’t see Black corn chips is because there’s not really such a thing as Black corn. The closest thing to Black corn is blue corn. Now maybe there’s a racist reason behind why it’s not called blue and not black. After all, white corn isn’t actually white it’s yellow. Perhaps you’re onto something, but I would rather believe there are no racial undertones when dealing with fried corn snacks.

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