Dumbass Sayings: "Dangerously Cheesy"

Cheetos slogan is "Dangerously cheesy" And I'm not sure how they decided that was a good idea. Dangerously cheesy sounds threatening. Who the hell wants to take risks with their food. When I'm eating corn snacks I don't want to invite danger into the equation. The problem with the saying is that it is true. Cheetos are dangerous because they're horrible for your health. A company should not be advertising such a fact. The idea that this is the slogan and everyone is okay with that is a startling indictment on our cheese culture. Of course Cheetos also pose a threat to lactose intolerant individuals so in that way the slogan could serve as a warning to them, but I would assume they can figure that out just by the name of the product.

Normally when a food company implies their food is dangerous, that's a bad thing.

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