Dumbass Saying: “Toilet Soap”

I went to this person’s house and had to take a dump and before I went in they said “Remember to use the toilet soap!” I had never heard that term before so I went in there, did my business, then washed the toilet out with the toilet soap. As it turns out, “toilet soap” is supposed to mean soap that’s just on the bathroom sink to be used to wash your hands. How was I supposed to know that? You called it TOILET SOAP. That’s probably one of the most misleading, idiotic names for anything in the world. Call it “bathroom soap” or “sink soap” or preferably “HAND SOAP” because when I told them I also used it to wash my ass in the sink with it they also got really mad. Well to avoid confusion like this in the future, start being more specific! The fact is, had the soap not been called anything other than soap and been sitting in a dish on the sink I would have assumed that was meant to just wash your hands. Referring to it as “Toilet soap” is what threw me off. Stop doing that!

Washing my ass with a bar of soap shaped like a shell is the closest I'll ever get to living in the movie "Demolition Man."

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