Ask McFartnuggets: “Is My Leg An Insomniac?”

Having your leg be an
insomniac is actually
a good thing.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
My right leg hasn’t fallen asleep in almost a whole year. My left leg sleeps pretty normally. I haven’t seen my right leg sleeping ever. Does that mean my right leg is an insomniac? Does this count as Restless Leg Syndrome? What should I do to fix this? Should I take Lunesta? -- Terri from Springdale, Utah

Dear Terri:
Fortunately for you, legs aren’t like brains so they don’t really need sleep. When a leg falls asleep it means it’s lacking blood flow which is a bad thing. When you say your left leg sleeps normally I’m worried about that. Does that mean it’s asleep for six to eight hours a night? If so that’s too damn much and you should see your doctor about that. It's possible you could have a blood clot. And no, it’s not Restless Leg Syndrome if your leg doesn’t fall asleep. Restless Legs Syndrome is the urge to constantly be moving your legs around so that’s completely unrelated. If you really want your leg to take a nap you can try folding it under your asscheek and sitting on it for awhile. That usually works for me. Thanks for the question.

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