Ask McFartnuggets: Why Do People Who Speak Spanish Say English Words?

Spanish and English may
one day merge into
a single language.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
You know how people who speak Spanish say “Nueva York” instead of “New York”? Why do they do that sometimes but then say other full words in English like “Bootylicious”? I only ask because I saw a Subway sandwich commercial in Spanish where the employee there hands a footlong to a man like a baby and says “Senor, su Applewood Pulled Pork!” Why would they use Spanish words to say Nueva York but not say the Spanish version of Applewood Pulled Pork? -- Julian from Princeton, New Jersey

Dear Julian:
Hmm, I haven’t seen that commercial, but I can imagine how strange that sounded. It almost makes you think that people who speak Spanish from other countries can really speak English and they just pretend like they can’t. Normally Spanish people speak English words when there are no words for the thing in their own language. I think the issue here is that the “Applewood Pulled Pork” is a product of Subway. If they were just speaking about applewood pulled pork in general terms made anywhere they would probably call it madera de manzano saco carne de cerdo or some shit. I guess when you consider how long that is, it’s just easier to say Applewood Pulled Pork even if it’s not your native language. If it was called simply “Behh” in another language I’d prefer calling it that so it’s not difficult to understand why someone from Honduras or Tenochtitlan would rather say “Applewood Pulled Pork.” So how do they decide? Most likely based on convenience, but also with regard to food products. For example, they probably say “Burger King” not “Rey de Hamburguesas.”

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