Dumbass Sayings: “I Want to Have Abs”

When people approach me asking me for nutritional and exercise advice they usually say “I want to have abs.” I always laugh right in these people’s faces. Do these people not realize they already have abdominal muscles? If they didn’t have abs their stomach, intestines, and other internal organs would be pushing up against their skin and they’d probably be very uncomfortable. Everyone has abs, unless you were born different, in which case you’ve probably got some kind of hard plastic shell stomach protector to shield your innards. Everyone has abs they’re just usually covered up with an extra shield of protective blubber. I think what these people mean to say is “I want to lose stomach fat.” This is one of the big misconceptions that drives body image issues. We view visible abdominal muscles as something to attain when really it’s just the absence of something (fat). When you’re a placing a value on the lack of something, that’s when you know you’re acting in complete incongruity with standard logic and there’s usually no need for that.

They're down there somewhere.

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