Ask McFartnuggets: “How Did The Truman Show Not Get Cancelled Early On?”

Who wouldn't want to
watch a child's life?
Dear McFartnuggets: 
“The Truman Show” was a show about a real man’s life being documented 24/7 without his knowledge and it started from his birth, but what I want to know is how it managed to last as long as it did. Those first five seasons or so must have been incredibly boring to watch. I can’t understand how they could get ratings for that. I mean who would want to watch a show where a non speaking infant is the star and the camera is on him 24 hours a day? That’s insane. People don’t even want to watch their own babies that long so why the hell would they watch a stranger baby who has nothing interesting to do or say. Watching Jim Carrey as an adult is understandable, but surely not a baby or even a really young child. This show should never have made it past season ONE. How did it manage to not get cancelled? - Carl from Oklahoma City

Dear Carl:
Well that was just a movie so they sort of just glossed over that fact. In reality, you’re right the show probably would not have made it very far considering things only got interesting around season 17 or so. Then again, people love babies and kids. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were enough creeps and psychos out there who wanted to watch a baby’s life at all hours of the day. People are weird when it comes to that stuff.

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