Dumbass Sayings: “Lo and Behold”

Sometimes your uncle will be telling you a story about their vacation in Orlando and say some crap like “So the escort came into the room and LO AND BEHOLD it was actually a transvestite!” What’s this “Lo and behold” talk? You’re not a character in The Bible. Cool it with the ancient talk, alright? “Lo and behold” is supposed to mean “Look and behold” so basically it’s just repeating the same damn thing twice. You may as well say “Look and look!” That’s extra unnecessary language and people need to stop perpetuating it. Just say “The escort came into the room and BEHOLD, it was a transvestite!” That’s just as good. You don’t really add anything to that by saying the word “Lo.” If you say “Lo and behold” I dare you to start using the word “Lo” by itself in everyday life. See how that works out for you. Go ahead and start saying “Hey lo over there!” You’ll sound like a damned fool. So why is it you can say “Lo and behold” without seeming as silly? It doesn’t make sense does it!

Aww they're holding hands...

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