Ask McFarntuggets: “Why is Catcalling Considered Sexual Harrassment?”

On the other hand, catcalling
ugly women is a good deed.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come “catcalling” women is considered sexist and sexual harassment? I wish I had women shouting compliments at me while I was walking on the street! That would be great for my self confidence. Basically when you get catcalled all it means is you look good. How can that be a bad thing? You don’t see ugly ass bitches getting hollered at, so any offense you take to being objectified has to be cancelled out by the confidence you get in knowing you’re hot. That’s the trade-off to being hot. Yes you can be objectified from time to time by men, but at the same time that objectification allows you numerous benefits and special treatments. Why do women complain about this? Women want men to be chivalrous and pay for dinner and hold open doors, but they don’t want to be catcalled occasionally? That’s a bit greedy. There’s a price to pay for being a hot chick in this world. It’s not all a free ride, sorry. If being yelled compliments at you is the worst thing that happens to you in a day then you’re truly living a charmed life. The irony is that the majority of the “urban” men doing the catcalling are often the subject of harassment from local police because they’re generally Black and Latino. They have it way worse than a hot chick because their harassment can lead to being shot to death like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Not saying that’s an excuse, but it should put things in perspective. Catcalling rarely ever leads to violence, it’s just guys with little self control foolishly expressing their desires for women. It can’t be threatening because the women are the ones with the real power in those situations. They’re the ones who can manipulate these morons who shout out like flummoxed buffoons with no willpower. So why is catcalling considered sexual harassment? -- Darren from Lansing, Michigan

Dear Darren:
It’s harassment because a lot of women don’t enjoy being “hollered” at. Some do, but you can tell those ones because they’re usually dressed like courtesan streetwalkers. This is a murky subject because it’s a complete misunderstanding between men and women. Women think that being objectified means they’re not being treated with respect and the men feel that by complimenting them they’re showing them ultimate respect. In cases like this, the targets of such a behavior (women) ultimately get to define whether it’s harassment or not. It’s not a man’s place to consider something harassment when it’s something happening to women. It’s like telling a Native American that “Redskin” isn’t offensive. Even though you might not believe that, you have to take their word for it. Plus, catcalling is just stupid. What is the purpose? You don’t know anyone who met their girlfriend or wife because they shouted “Damn girl look at that ass!” at her on the sidewalk one day. It’s not the worst crime in the world, but it’s completely unnecessary and it makes a lot of women uncomfortable to it should stop. There’s a time and a place for giving a woman compliments and that’s when they’re trapped in an elevator with you, not just walking around on the street.

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