Dumbass Sayings: “Thanks For Watching”

Sometimes at the end of an internet video the people who post it will say “Thanks for watching.” I don’t know why people do this. If you watched something to the end then there’s a fair chance you enjoyed it so there’s no thanks necessary. You never watch a porno to the end and all the people who made it say “Hey thanks for watching!” When it comes to major entertainment like feature films and TV shows they never thank you for watching. If anyone is thanked it’s during the “Special thanks” section of the credits in which they thank people who helped them make the show or movie, not the viewer. Thanking the viewer is simply not necessary because it’s implied the entertainment was adequate thanks. It’d be like giving someone a hand job and then thanking them. That’s completely unnecessary and illogical because they should be thanking YOU. On the other hand. if the viewer for some reason didn’t enjoy what they saw then thanking them for watching is stupid anyway because that’s not a valid apology. No one ever got pissed off after watching something and then saw “Thanks for watching” and went “Oh well at least they thanked me.” If you’re presenting something people really enjoy watching you shouldn't have to thank anyone and if you’re not presenting something people like then you should say sorry, but who the hell would do that anyway?

Certain things deserve thanks, but watching an internet video because you're bored out of your mind isn't one of them.

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