The Top Five Keywords That Really Stick Out in a Cover Letter or Resume

Surprise is usually the best
way to be noticed.
When you’re writing a cover letter or resume it’s important to stand out from all the other applicants. However, you need to stand out for the right reasons. Too many people get caught up on just standing out and that leads them to making horrible mistakes in their job applications. That said, here are the top five keywords that are sure to stick out in a cover letter or resume:

5. "Dangerous"
You never want to use the word “dangerous” to describe yourself in a cover letter, but it does definitely stick out. If you can, try to use the word in a positive context. Maybe if you’re applying to be a zookeeper you can mention how you’ve dealt with many dangerous animals. Aside from that I would avoid this word.

4. "Jizz"
Imagine you’re combing through job applicants and all of a sudden you see jizz on someone’s cover letter. No I don’t mean literally, I mean the word. That would be almost as noticeable as literal jizz. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the job, unless you’re applying for a job on a porn set or something.

3. "Alcoholic"
Seeing “alcoholic” on someone’s cover letter really jumps off the page. You should really only use this word if it’s being used to talk about how you’ve helped alcoholics. You never want to admit you have a drinking problem right in your job application. It’s good to be honest, but not that honest.

2. "Assmaster"
“Assmaster” is truly one of the most noticeable words you can put in a cover letter. It really grabs the eye. The problem is, it grabs the eye because it’s sort of an unconventional word that many people can’t define. Obviously it’s pretty straightforward, it’s a master of asses. That’s not really something you want to brag about in a cover letter.

And the number one most eye-catching term to put in a cover letter is…

1. "Bad bitch"
If you listen to hip hop at all these days you know that everyone wants a “bad bitch.” What is a bad bitch? A bad bitch is basically a ho who know what she want and how she gone git it. Now in the context of most job applications, that should be acceptable, but people are still sensitive about this word “bitch.” Sadly it’s still seen as derogatory in most professional spaces rather than a term of empowerment. So even if you is a bad bitch, that’s really something you’re going to want to show them at the job interview without explicitly stating it in a cover letter or resume.

As you can see, merely standing out is always a good thing. I wouldn’t recommend using these keywords unless you’re applying to be a flirtatious bartender in a rough part of town next to a Sperm bank.

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