Dumbass Sayings: “This is She”

There are other less stupid
sounding ways to identify
When someone calls and says “Hi this is Pookie calling with American Express, can I please speak to Mrs. Helen Hunt,” Helen Hunt will say “This is she.” No one really knows if this is proper English, it sure as hell doesn’t sound like it. You’ll have people telling you saying “this is she” is correct grammar and you’ll also have people telling you “this is her” is the proper way to say it, some even think that “this is them” is the proper way to identify yourself. Point is, no one really knows what’s right so why not just avoid all the confusion and say it in a different, much easier way.

Here are the top 5 better things to say than “This is she/he” on the phone:

5. “I am her/him.”
Instead of saying “this is” just be plain and declare “I AM HER!”

4. “Tis I.”
Tis the season to be jolly so why not just keep using the word “tis.” It’s an underused word so you should take every opportunity.

3. “You got him/her!”
If you’re in a fun mood when someone says “Hi I’d like to speak to Lucas” you can just say “HEY HEY! YA GOT HIM!” Then it starts the conversation off with a little energy that will likely drop off pretty quick when they reveal they’re loan sharks coming to cut your toes off.

2. “That’s me.”
Instead of sounding like Yoda just say “Yeah that’s me” and move on.

And the number one better thing to say that “This is she” is…

1. “This is ____”
The best thing you can do to avoid the confusion of “this is she/he, this is her/him” is just eliminate the pronouns altogether and get down to the basic facts. This IS Franklin Roosevelt now what the hell do you want?!

Just pretend you're Sparta.

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