Dumbass Sayings: “Thank You For Everything That You Do”

Sometimes when people see a soldier they say “Thank you for everything you do!” Folks usually say this because they’re tired of saying “Thank you for your service” and want to mix it up a little. The problem with this is they’re just being too damn vague. I’m not going to thank a soldier for brushing their teeth, taking a jog, eating an ice cream cone, petting their dog, and watching “Hunger Games.” No one thanks them for that. You shouldn’t have to. That’s just basic stuff everyone does. No, you thank them for everything they do for OUR COUNTRY. Is it that difficult to just add in those two extra words? Obviously you’re not really thanking them for EVERYTHING they do, so that makes the statement sound excessive and sarcastic. All you have to do is add in those two extra words to transform the sentence from something dumb sounding to a genuine statement of appreciation.

Yes thank you for that too.

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