Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Should I Donate My Car to Kids?”

Kars 4 Kids isn't actually
an illiteracy charity.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I keep seeing these commercials for Kars 4 Kids asking me to donate my car to them. Why should I donate my car to kids? Children shouldn’t be driving! That’s extremely dangerous. What kind of sick bastards would give cars to kids? That’s like handing them a loaded gun. Not only is it a risk to their safety but the safety of other drivers as well as pedestrians! Plus these kids clearly have no idea how to spell. Shouldn’t we be donating dictionaries to them? It’s spelled C-A-R-S! -- Nicole from Santa Barbara, California

Dear Nicole:
Well most car donation charities don’t actually give the cars to the children. I know it’s a little misleading, but they mostly just sell the cars to chop shops and salvage yards. Sometimes they auction the cars off and then the money is given to their cause, though sometimes a large portion is kept by the people who run the charity. You have to be careful which charities you give your car to for that reason. The last thing you should worry about is disadvantaged children driving your old ass car down the freeway on a joyride with their head not even past the steering wheel.

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