Dumbass Sayings: “Sporting Goods”

Anytime you go into the sports equipment area of a store it’s called “Sporting goods.” Why the hell are they called “goods”? What the hell is that about? Why is sporting the only realm where we refer to the items as “goods”? You don’t hear people talking about “kitchen goods” or “baby goods.” There’s no real answer for why this term exists. Do people ever stop to think about this kind of thing? What’s wrong with saying “Sporting equipment”? If it’s a matter of saving letters to print on signs why not just call it “Sports Goods”? Clearly that’s not the reason. “Baked goods” makes sense because that’s most people’s idea of something good. Baked goods usually taste good. “Canned goods” is another way “goods” is used to describe food. What the hell is “good” about tennis rackets and basketballs? The word “good” wouldn’t be the first one used to describe those items. No one bounces a basketball and says “Oh that’s good…”

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