Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Did People Stop Doing The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?”

You'd think winter and ice
buckets would be a perfect
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I haven’t seen many new ice bucket challenge videos from people on Facebook or YouTube lately. Why have people stopped doing this? It was raising a lot of money for ALS research and the cure for ALS hasn’t been found yet so why would people stop? Do people only want to give to charity when it’s a fun social media trend that everyone else is doing or something? -- Kelly from Richmond, Virginia

Dear Kelly:
There are a few reasons the ice bucket challenge has slowed down lately. First off, because it was so popular most people on Earth have already done it and you can’t really do it more than once. I’m not sure they thought that through well enough. You should be able to do do multiple ice bucket challenges, but once you’ve dumped ice water over your head once the thrill is gone. Even though it’s really supposed to be about raising money for ALS research, pouring cold water on yourself becomes old really fast and that leads people to move on. The other big reason you don’t see ice bucket challenges anymore is because it’s getting into fall now and soon winter. People want to help find a cure for ALS, but only if it involves a fun summertime way to cool down. Sadly, you won’t see any Hot chili challenges where people pour piping hot beef chili down their pants in December to raise money for charity. It’s important to focus on the positives of the ice bucket challenge and be glad it happened at all. Maybe next summer we’ll see a popsicle dildo challenge or something.

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